Kyle – Employee of the Month

Kyle is our January Employee of the Month. He is a Shift Lead for us here at The Patient Station and has been working with us for 7 months.

Kyle has gained a new outlook on what a job could be like since working with us. He finds his job enjoyable and likes that it is a stress-free environment. His favorite part is that he gets to go outside and interact with our patients. It touches his heart that some of our patients go out of their way to make us feel safe. He likes that it’s not a one-way street and that our patients care about us as much as we care about them. He also loves when they bring pets so that he can see the animal’s happy faces. “I’ve seen everything from dogs to cats to rabbits to turtles,” which are all a welcome surprise.

In his downtime, Kyle likes to play a game that him and his coworkers came up with called “Strain Man.” Read the rest...