Jayla – Employee of the Month

Jayla is our February Employee of the Month! She is a hard-worker who loves to joke around with her coworkers and is a receptionist here at The Patient Station.

Since working here, she has gained a lot of knowledge about cannabis and how to give the best information possible to our patients based on their specific needs. Her favorite product that we offer here is the Oasis peanut butter! “I love being able to eat it with absolutely anything such as sandwiches, chocolate, etc. it also helps with my insomnia.”

Something Jayla likes to do on her breaks is to see how far someone can catch food in their mouths. It’s become a game for her and her coworkers. “We’ll grab something like a fruit snack and take steps further and further back to see how far someone can catch one.” She loves the family community that we have here and how friendly everyone is to each other. Her favorite part about working here, other than the fun atmosphere, is the quality of care that her and her coworkers are able to provide for our patients. Read the rest...