Alisha – Employee of the Month

Alisha is our June Employee of the Month! She is one of our Customer Service Shift Leads here at The Patient Station and has been working with us for 1 year.

Her favorite part about working at The Patient Station is the energetic atmosphere. She’s always excited to come to work. “Throughout the day here we like to have fun, we like to make a game out of the day such as who can answer the phone the fastest. We joke around when things are slow and like to have a good time while also making sure everything is running smoothly and according to schedule.”

Alisha likes the products we offer and is a user herself, having plenty of knowledge to help answer any questions our patients might have. Her favorite brand that we offer is Chill. She likes that they use natural ingredients in their products.

One fun fact about Alisha, before working at The Patient Station, she was a MIG Repair Welder. She worked at a factory and repaired auto parts for Ford. She knew how to run each machine so by time she became a welder she knew exactly what she was doing.

If Alisha was stuck on an island and could only bring 3 things, she would bring… unlimited cannabis, a flint fire starter and a fishing pole. With a smile on her face she said, “I’ll be set for life. I’ll get a fire starter, fishing pole and unlimited weed. Perfect. All I need for an island.”

If Alisha could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, it would be either Amelia Earhart or Mac Miller. “I was obsessed with Amelia Earhart as a kid. She disappeared and I want to know what happened to her. I just got to know. In terms of new school, it would be Mac Miller. I’m really huge into him. I like the way he words things, he’s very poetic. He puts a lot of feeling into what he’s saying. To me it’s more like a poem than it is a rap. He was also the first person I saw live as an adult.”

Since working here, Alisha has had moments working with patients that really touched her heart. She worked with one patient who was hard of hearing and always made sure to look at him while they spoke. “Ever since I first met him, I knew he was a good-hearted person. He always made sure to leave a tip even though he didn’t have to. He was very sweet; he always knew that we would take care of him. Unfortunately, he recently passed. He really did touch my heart; he was such a good person. He was a regular. He knew who I was, I knew who he was. Anytime I’d seen him, I wanted to be the one taking his order so when we received the news it was very saddening for the whole crew.”

Alisha has gained a lot of knowledge about medical marijuana, CBD products, and what products that may best cater to each individual patient’s needs. If you need help looking for anything specific, you can come to her and she’ll help you find exactly what you need.