Hannah – Employee of the Month

Hannah is our August Employee of the Month! She has been working as a Receptionist and Patient Consultant here at The Patient Station for over 3 months.

Since working with us, Hannah has gained a lot of knowledge about cannabis. She is newer to working in the industry and appreciates the chance to learn all that she can about the products we offer; In addition, she’s had the chance to bond with a lot of our patients over the phone. “My dad passed away 2 years ago from cancer. There’s a lot of cancer patients that call so it’s really nice to bond with them. When they’re going through chemotherapy, I can kind of relate to them as well as any loss or grief. It can be really nice to have someone who understands.”

When asked what she likes most about working here at The Patient Station, Hannah said, “I like the team environment, working together knowing that everyone’s going to help each other out.” She also likes that her coworkers are not afraid to goof around a little; For example, when they race to the reception area to bring patient’s medical cards to her or when it’s raining outside and they dance around in between taking orders.

Hannah uses cannabis in her personal life too. Her favorite brand that we offer is Mary’s Medicinals. “I like their cartridges a lot, so I mostly smoke those.” In her spare time, you might also catch her making YouTube videos or doing photography. “I really like to take pictures or do any kind of digital art. I have a few videos of my fiancé and I online, we mostly do vlogs and random things. I like video content, taking pictures, editing and stuff like that. I like to take pictures of people, that’s probably my preference. I also go up north a lot and like to take pictures of nature as well.”

If Hannah could do another job for one day it would be Broadway. “I would not be talented at it, but I love musicals and live art. I would defiantly want to try Broadway. I saw Phantom of the Opera live recently and loved it.”

If Hannah could eat one meal a day what would it be? “It would be spaghetti, 100% or any kind of pasta. It’s the only thing my dad could really make as far as my memory would go. It was spaghetti every weekend. I loved being there with him and growing up it kind of just stuck.”

You may have talked to Hannah if you’ve called in an order with us at (734) 544-9999. She always picks up the phone with a smile on her face and is ready to answer any questions that you might have!


Shortened quote for Sarah

What do you like most about working at The Patient Station? “I like the team environment, knowing that everyone’s going to help each other out!”


If you could do another job for one day what would it be? “I love musicals and live art. I would definitely want to try Broadway!”