Matt – Employee of the Month

Matt is our July Employee of the Month! He has been working as a Patient Consultant and Delivery Driver here at The Patient Station for over 3 months.

Matt’s favorite part about working with us is that we’re able to give him feedback and have a passion to make our business the best that it can be. He loves the outside ambience music we provide and being able to joke around with coworkers while cleaning or performing other tasks.

One strain we offer that Matt loves is Gorilla Glue. When asked why, he said, “I love Indica and being able to relax. It helps calm my mind at the end of the night and helps with the pain in my wrist.” In addition, his favorite flower we offer is Garlic Cookie!

Some hobbies Matt has outside of work are creating 3D models and gaming for his YouTube channel. “I have a YouTube channel that I’m running and I’m really tech savvy. I have 3D modeling skills so I’m able to create models and present that out onto my channel. I also love gaming, so I get to incorporate those things into one place and demonstrate it for the world. I like to really model anything I love such as houses or characters. I’ve been creating 3D models since I was 18 and have always had the drive to do more of it.”

Fun fact, Matt’s least favorite food is Brussel sprouts. “Brussel sprouts are so gross, and I don’t know why people even order them or make them in their dishes. Honestly, the taste and the smell make me have to stay away. By far, my least favorite food.”

The most interesting job that Matt had before working at The Patient Station is… “I worked at an Orchard getting to scare people. I would dress as a little ghoul and I would hop up on a platform and be able to frighten people. It was on a hayride; They would spray paint your face depending on your position and decorate you to make you look scary. It was really interesting because there were so many parts that would move around, we even had a flamethrower that would shoot fire from the building.”

Matt loves working at The Patient Station because he’s able to take care of our patients and provide them with the best service in the industry. “I’m happy anywhere I can be as long as I’m interacting with people. I get to talk to people and get to know more about them. I hear their stories and am able to help provide them with the right products.” While working with us, Matt has gained experience, knowledge of cannabis and the privilege to build a relationship with our patients in order to support their needs. If you ever need a hand finding the right product, just ask Matt and he’ll be more than willing to help!