Tim – Employee of the Month

Tim is our September Employee of the Month! He is a Packager/Patient Consultant here at The Patient Station and has been working with us for 6 months.

Tim likes the people he works with and the quality of products we sell most about The Patient Station. “There’s a lot about cannabis I thought I knew but I’ve actually learned more health benefits than I thought even existed since working here. I’ve also learned a lot of people skills and personal skills.”

His favorite part about working here is coming into the positivity that his coworkers provide. He likes to joke around with his coworkers and have as much fun as possible while still getting the job done. He also likes that, coming from a corporate structure, he has been invited into the family atmosphere we offer here at The Patient Station.

Tim’s favorite product that we offer is a tie between Shattered Thoughts gummies and any concentrate from Cloud Cover. “The kind of high you get from Cloud Cover is like a pure, nice, clean high.”

Outside of work, Tim is a huge gamer. “My dream would be to have a cannabis fused gaming channel where it’s a good mix of educational and fun. I would like to try to create a brand around that concept.”

If Tim could have only 3 apps on his phone for the rest of his life it would be… “Twitter because I’m addicted, I’m a Twitter freak. I don’t know what it is about it, I don’t even follow friends or family members but like news writers, celebrities, gaming websites and cannabis things. The kind of things you can find on Twitter I think is just hilarious. Reddit would be another one, it’s a little more out there than Twitter but also a little more approachable for everyone to use. My 3rd favorite would definitely have to be Jimmy John’s. I’m addicted to Jimmy John’s, I think I get a free sub like every two weeks, that’s how much I go. So definitely Twitter, Reddit and Jimmy John’s.”

Fun fact, one irrational fear Tim has is getting lost driving someplace he’s never been or being stranded. “I know nothing about fixing a car so if I were to be lost with my car broken down, I would freak out. It happened to me over the pandemic. I got a flat tire and I didn’t have a jack with me, so I just panicked. I have to know where I am at all times.”

If you see Tim, make sure to say hi and ask any questions you might have. We are all excited to help guide you to the right product and make sure it is catered to your needs!