Stephen – Employee of the Month

Stephen is our October Employee of the Month! He is one of our Patient Consultants here at The Patient Station and has been working with us for 5 months.

What Stephen likes most about working with us is how much compassion and care that we have for the business and our employees. “The difference of amount of care and hustle is so much better than anywhere I’ve worked before. It’s motivating to have that family atmosphere around you. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be getting paid to work with cannabis and I’ve gained so much knowledge of the cannabis industry since I’ve started here.”

Stephen likes to research products with his coworkers. They are constantly discovering something new about the products we offer so they can best help our patients. His favorite product that we offer is Shattered Thoughts edibles. His childhood friend happens to be the owner of Shattered Thoughts and would like to shout them out.

Something that made Stephen’s day was when a woman came in crying hysterically and he was able to console her. He talked with her and learned that she had been going through some rough times. Stephen was able to recommend her to a nice pre-roll to help soothe her nerves and help relax her through the hardship. He liked knowing that he was able to help her out and care for what she was going through.

If Stephen could meet anyone dead or alive it would be Wiz Khalifa. “I’m big into Hip Hop/Rap, I hate to admit it, but he was the reason I started smoking weed. I’d watch his videos; he had one on how to roll a joint and I stumbled upon it. It captivated me and I wanted to smoke weed after that. I’ve seen him in concert, but I’d love to meet him in person.”

If he could do another job for just one day it would be a fighter jet pilot. “I’ve seen videos of people flying those things and I’m like oh my God that looks so intense and so awesome. It’s always looked like so much fun. My dad was part of the air force in the military, so I was around that type of stuff growing up but mainly I’d want to because of the amazing videos I’ve seen of people flying them.”

Stephen’s favorite season is summer because of all of the outdoor activities such as going to the ocean, going on boats, tubing, fishing, etc. He went to Colorado this past summer to visit various places such as Denver and had a blast being able to hike while there.

If you ever need help finding a product or have any questions while visiting The Patient Station, Stephen will be more than willing to help!