What to Do on St. Patrick’s Day in Ypsilanti 2021

Americans mostly regard St. Patrick’s Day as a party holiday – specifically, a drinking holiday. But the greenery, clover symbols, and significance of the holiday means Mary Jane suits St. Patty’s day just fine. Here’s what to do for St. Patrick’s Day in Ypsilanti, MI in 2021 for those who want to celebrate with cannabis.

St. Patrick’s Day History

The history of St. Patrick’s Day is rife with rumors and symbiology. But we do know a few things for certain. St. Patrick was a real person, and he was not Irish. Born to a wealthy Roman family in 4th century Britain, Patrick was kidnapped at age 16 and served as a slave in Ireland for about 10 years before escaping back to Britain.

He later went back to Ireland determined to transform Ireland into a Christian society. What happened next is the stuff of myth and legend, but we do know that modern Ireland has a large Catholic population and the druids are largely gone. Read the rest...