The Patient Stations Top 5 Deals for the Month

the patient stations top 5 deals

Michigan Dispensary Patient Station Offers Some of the Best Deals in the State

Michigan based dispensary The Patient Station offers some of the best deals in the state on almost every form of cannabis product. With new deals every day and deals that are always in place, The Patient Station allows you to try a wider variety of cannabis products without breaking the bank. For medical and recreational users alike, this creates the perfect way for you to discover which cannabis products you prefer for different reasons and occasions. Once you discover your favorite products, their deals may allow you to buy multiple of that product for a discounted rate. Make sure to check their website every day to discover which discounts they are offering.

Whether you prefer vaping, smoking, or edibles, The Patient Station has discounts for any preference. They offer walk-ins, online ordering, curbside pickup, and free delivery within 15 miles. They even price match any other dispensary in Michigan. This guarantees that you will always get the best prices. If it is your birthday, make sure to stop in for your free gift!

What are The Patient Station’s best deals?

The Patient Station has deals that change daily as well as deals that are always in place. Their discounts vary between their medical and recreational offerings. From bulk deals to high percentages off to BOGOs, Patient Station offers endless deals for any customers preference.

What are The Patient Station’s best everyday recreational deals?

The Patient Station offers a variety of deals on their recreational products. For vape products, their best deal is 3 for $100 or 4 for $120 1 gram Platinum Vape cartridges. They also offer Select Carts for $25 per cartridge. Their best everyday deal on flower is the $8 Common Pre-Roll (1G) or 2 for $14. If you’re looking for higher quality flower, they offer discounts on their Apple Jax and 5th Dimension flower that starts at $12 per gram. They offer 8ths for $40 and ounces for $225. If you prefer edibles, The Patient Station offers bulk discounts on the MKX 100mg gummies. If you buy one pack it is $12, but if you buy 4 packs it is only $40.

What are The Patient Station’s best everyday medical deals?

The Patient Station offers even better deals on their medical products. For vape products, their best deals are on the 1 gram Platinum Vape cartridges and 1 gram MKX cartridges. These cartridges are offered at $35 per, or 4 for $95. You can even mix and match to discover your favorite strains! For deals on flower, they offer Cake Bomb, Gas Breath, Honey Tree, and Biscotti Cakes all at $10 per gram. For edible products, The Patient Station offers undeniable deals. Their best deal is the 200mg MKX Chocolate Bar’s for only $10. They also offer MKX gummies for $8 per 100mg packs or 5 packs for $35.

What about The Patient Station’s daily deals?

While their everyday deals are amazing, they offer even better deals that change on a daily basis. For example, the day that this article was written they are offering $30 off Presto Juggernaut Cured Rosin and Helio Orange Kush Mints flower at $25 per 8th. Make sure to check their website everyday for a full list of discounts available.

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